Review of Ambewela Farms - Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka
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Review of Ambewela Farms - Nuwara Eliya

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A farm of a famous brand in Sri Lanka - Ambewala. Wonderful scenic views of the beautiful hills in Nuwara Eliya - as you walk towards the farm. You'd probably spend an hour or so (with a stop at the cafe), but can easily cover the farm in less time.

Details of the Farm

Ambewela is a small town or a hill station in Nuwera Eliya. It’s also a well-known dairy company. The climatic conditions in Ambewela make it a suitable location for dairy farming. This area is also sometimes called the ‘Little New Zealand’.

Ambewela farms are made up of two farms, Ambewela Farm and New Zealand Farm. Because of the perfect climate in the hill country, it boasts its superior breed of cattle, modern technology and top quality pastures where cattle graze freely.  The farms have purebred cattle from Ayreshire and New Zealand.  In order to maintain the quality of milk from the cows, the farm management takes great care to provide them with a balanced diet and sterilized water. They are also given excellent healthcare on a 24-hour basis.  The largest grasslands of Sri Lanka are also a part of the Ambewela farms. In addition to the cattle, it has rabbits, pigs and goats.

Around mid-day is a good time to visit the farms. You will first pass the scenic grasslands with the cows from New Zealand grazing freely. It’s a beautiful sight. However, the stench can sometimes be very strong, especially in the barns where the cattle are bred.

You can have a glass of fresh milk in the Ambewela café in the middle of the farm. Since it’s mostly crowded, you might have to queue, but we quite easily got a seat (around the end of the day (of the farm) - around 4pm). You can also buy different types of cheese such as Edam or Gouda. They are usually cheaper than the supermarkets.

We didn't however visit the Milco factory which has good reviews and meant to be informative in terms of the production of cheese and how the milk is pasteurized. The farm also cultivates different varieties of vegetables like seed potatoes, and vegetables such as lettuce, carrot, cauliflower and cucumber.
When going past Ambewela junction towards Horton Plains you can view the Milco Factory. This is one of Sri Lanka's few milk powder producing factories.  If you are hoping to visit the factory it is recommended to call them on 052 567 0728 or 052 567 0726 before making any plans as factory visits are some times suspended for various reasons. However, there is a factory outlet, which sells produce under the Highland brand such as fresh milk, milk powder, butter, cheese, yoghurt and ice cream.

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