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Welcome to our Purely Personal site - our own personal recommendations to those who are simply looking for a nice, comfortable place to stay on your holiday / travel to the wonderful island of Sri Lanka.
Tea Plantation in Nuwara Eliya - we were plucking black and green tea leaves!

Our picks on hotels and bungalows, and things to do in Sri Lanka

We love traveling around the paradise island. Whether it’s high up in the hills in the North, or overlooking the blue waters of the Indian Ocean down in the South, we appreciate warm hospitality. We enjoy experiencing the culture and comfort of a place reflected by its rich ambience and excellent service, followed by exquisite cuisines and unforgettable entertainment.

Therefore, we wanted a place where we can list accommodation where we have either stayed directly or indirectly heard of great reviews. We’ve started the site off with things to do in Nuwara Eliya, and a comfortable holiday bungalow in Nuwara Eliya if you’re looking to head to the hills for some rest, relaxation, adventure, golf or most likely a combination of them all!

What do you get?

A recommendation of hotels / places to stay when you’re here, with additional information and pictures about the property and an honest, personal review from us (because we have either stayed there, or have heard good reviews of the place from trusted colleagues). We also include links to other sites like TripAdvisor where personal reviews for the hotel/property have been submitted by people who have stayed there.

You will also be informed on the best mode of transportation there, the number of hours it will take you and reliable transportation services you can contact. Essentially we’re happy to help you with any advice you may need for your travel.

Who are we?

We’re actually a web development team here in Sri Lanka focusing on high quality, usable, search engine optimised solutions for international markets. Consequently, since it is our passion to explore the places in Sri Lanka and our job to develop user friendly websites, we wanted to share our wonderful experiences with you through our own website.

The fine print - how we work:  

If we personally recommend a place to stay, we’d contact the owner or manager for an arrangement to let us post their property on this site. On agreement with the owner/hotel management, we’d post up the listing.
Inquiries from the site (email) go to both us and the owner/hotel, and follow-up will most likely be between you and the owner (depending on your inquiry), and we’ll step in and would be happy to help in any way we can.

Safe and happy travelling,
3003 Online team